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Coffee Lover Activity
Mae Hia Agricultural Research and Training Center
Mae Hia, Muang, Chiang Mai (Near Faculty of Agro Industry, Chiang Mai University)
Be a center for gathering knowledge both domestic and abroad from planting to sales by providing laboratories for analyzing and examining the quality and safety of coffee beans, also laboratories for the development of roasted, brewing, tasting, testing, analyzing, and evaluating the quality of coffee based on international standard to create the identity of Lanna coffee which increases value added to coffee. Open for agriculturists, entrepreneurs, and those who are interested.
Arabica Coffee Experts
Experts in cultivated plot management, post-harvest plant diseases and pest control, including those who have the ability to maintain and control the quality of the entire coffee beans provide consulting services, give advice, help to solve problems in each process, and also be the certification inspector analyzing the quality and safety of coffee beans.
Coffee Traceability Unit
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